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    Snow Plowing

    Snow plowing consists of pushing the snow accumulated on the driveways, service drives and parking lots at the address listed to an area designated by the customer or to an area selected by ASI. A light salting will occur after each plowing when appropriate to minimize additional accumulation, unless otherwise specified.


    Upon request, ASI will provide wood stakes to mark the edges of roadways, drives and fire hydrants to protect the grass areas no later than November 15. Should the owner request that stakes other than wood be used, ASI may require a deposit, payable by November 1. The deposit will be credited back to the owner over the first five billings. Once the stakes have been placed, they will remain there until the end of the snow season. If for any reason the stakes are removed before the end of the snow season, an additional charge quoted in the contract will be billed to the owner.


    If snow removal of the sidewalks is part of the contract for plowing, the sidewalk will be cleared within 12 hours after the snowfall has stopped. Snow removal of the sidewalks will not occur in blizzard or windy conditions.

    Service Intervals

    Snow plowing will commence if the snow accumulation reaches 2 inches in depth, excluding drifting. Driveways and lots will be cleared once by 7 a.m. for overnight snowfalls if there is a 2-inch accumulation by 1 a.m.

    Salt Applications

    Salt and Safe Step applications will be done in accordance with the weather conditions at the time of snow removal. A light salting is usually applied after every plow to minimize additional accumulation of snow and ice. In the event of an ice-only condition or freezing rain, a separate billing will occur.

    Safe Step or similar products are used on all walkways to minimize damage to nearby vegetation. It is a common misconception that deicing agents are harmful to concrete. Concrete is damaged when moisture enters porous concrete and freezes. The best way to prevent concrete damage is to properly seal concrete areas regularly.

    Snow Removal

    Snow removal consists of removing the snow accumulations from the premises to an alternate site on the same property.

    Snow Relocation

    Snow relocation consists of moving accumulated snow on the premises to an alternate site on the same property. ASI is not responsible for grass or plant stock damaged in this process.


    At ASI, we believe that communication with our customers plays an important role in our success. With our helpful email updates, we keep our customers informed throughout each snow event. Having constant communication throughout the storms will help us make sure we are meeting the needs of our customers.

    With the size and experience of ASI, we have the capability to dispatch the right equipment for every job.

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