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Add a Retaining Wall

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Retaining walls are important features of your property that are often neglected. They are often used to provide structure, layer your yard in levels, create flower boxes, and help build attractive stairways and raised patios.

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    These walls can be constructed from a wide variety of materials that come in many different colors and can be crafted with a natural look and feel. Whatever your need or desire, ASI will work closely with you to help custom design and install a retaining wall guaranteed to provide strength and toughness that will last for years to come.

    We recommend Versa-Lok® products. The quality of the Versa-Lok® products gives lasting satisfaction. Below is an excerpt from the Versa-Lok® Retaining Wall System's catalog:

    "Versa-Lok® Retaining Wall Systems was developed in 1987 to answer needs for simplified, easy-to-install, segmental retaining walls. Using solid concrete masonry components, our walls permit unmatched architectural flexibility without sacrificing structural stability. Versa-Lok® walls exhibit dramatic lines and textures which enhance, rather than dominate, architectural designs.
    "What makes Versa-Lok® unique, as compared to other systems, is the fact that one unit is used to install steps, inside corners, outside corners, radius curves, and serpentine curves. The integrally-colored split-faced, concrete wall units are attractively finished with matching caps. No concrete footings or mortar are required for Versa-Lok® systems. Since mortar is not required, our walls are able to drain freely–reducing hydrostatic pressure behind the walls.
    "Versa-Lok® Retaining Wall Systems are recognized internationally for their beauty and structural integrity. Currently, more than 75 leading concrete product manufacturer's product and distribute millions of square feet of Versa-Lok® annually. In-place projects range from residential installations to Department of Transportation projects, with walls exceeding 40 feet in height."
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    retaining wall
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