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Southeastern Wisconsin Lawn Design Services

Milwaukee Lawn Seeding Services

There are three common ways to seed a lawn. Regardless of which method you choose, ASI recommends starting with at least 3 inches of amended topsoil. We also believe it is important to make sure your soil contains the proper pH levels.

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    The three ways of seeding are as follows:

    • Broadcasting: This consists of the distribution of seed through a broadcast seeder on top of the topsoil covered by a straw-based material. A starter fertilizer is always recommended.
    • Slit seeding: This process is done by seed-dropping into a small trench created by a disk, distributing the seed approximately 1 inch below the surface. A starter fertilizer is always recommended as well.
    • Hydro-seeding: This process is done by mixing water, seed, fertilizer and a bonding agent into a large tank and distributing the mixture onto the topsoil using a spray method.

    Milwaukee Sod Installation

    For those of you looking for immediate results, sod is the perfect option. There are several steps ASI will take in order to ensure a healthy, disease- and insect-free lawn. At ASI, we take the following necessary steps to ensure healthy results:

    • 3 inches of amended and pH balanced topsoil
    • Aeration
    • Dethatching
    • Fertilizing
    • A healthy watering program


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